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5 Ways You Are Blocking Your Creativity

When it comes to creativity, we tend to be our own worst enemies. As silly as it may be, creativity really does come from our ability to free our minds and let go of any internal doubts, fears, negative thoughts, or roadblocks. Overcoming these mental interferences...

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3 Reasons Your Business May Be Stuck

Lately I’ve been hearing from so many women that they don’t understand why they aren’t more successful in their online business. Does that resonate with you? Those $5K, $10K and $15K months that seem so effortless for people in Facebook ads haven’t been happening and...

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Are You Using “Self Care” As An Excuse To Procrastinate?

This is something that I’ve started to see all over social media. Women who are just beginning in their business or starting to grow their business posting about feeling overwhelmed so they’re taking the day off. Self care days are critical – don’t get me wrong – but...

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3 BIG Mistakes Everyone Makes With Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be overwhelming. You think you’re doing everything right and then POOF! Your money is gone with nothing to show for it. It took me a LOT of testing and trial and error before I arrive at the system that is bringing me awesome leads daily. I want to...

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