When it comes to creativity, we tend to be our own worst enemies.

As silly as it may be, creativity really does come from our ability to free our minds and let go of any internal doubts, fears, negative thoughts, or roadblocks.

Overcoming these mental interferences will involve a bit of work, but nothing that you can’t handle!

Here are the 5 bad habits that are blocking your creativity…

1. Comparing yourself. 
If you think someone else is doing better than you, you’re probably wrong. Maybe someone is better at what they do; with their unique talents, and that’s so key to remember. This person has found the mastery to her methods – you just need to the find the mastery of your own.

They do what they do, and you do what you do. You will never be the same.

2. Relying on someone else’s path to success. 
I love the saying, “You aren’t going to be able to climb to the top using someone else’s ladder.” Opportunities may pop up here and there but so will downfalls.

If there was one path to success, one way for it to work every time; everyone would be on it and we would all be swimming in dolla dolla billz. Following in someone else’s exact footsteps and by default living in their shadow, it won’t get you anywhere close to where you want to be.

Don’t deny yourself the ability to let your creativity shine and think on your own terms. Step into your power and figure out your own process for letting your true self show up in the world!

3. You can’t handle negative feedback. 
No matter where you are at in your life, you are going to be subjected to criticism. Sometimes harsh criticism. I know how hard this can be to experience but it’s so critical to not let it impact your thoughts or behavior.

Easier said than done of course, but try to focus on the fact that criticism usually has more to do with the person making the judgement instead of you. Jealousy, admiration, stress, frustration, anger… these are all things that can lead to others to judge you. These emotions can be easily passed on to you via their critiques even if you don’t deserve it.

Do not allow yourself to be filled with doubt after a bad conversation with someone who doesn’t see your potential. Instead, understand why they are saying what they are putting out there and figure out the best way to turn it into something constructive.

4. You don’t TRULY believe in yourself. 
There is a difference between questioning if you are on the right path and full out doubting yourself. If you don’t BELIEVE you can do something, you are putting yourself into a cycle that you’ll never be able to escape.

Gather a clear understanding of what you’re capable of. Use that understanding to your advantage!

5. You’re not available for change. 
You may think by focusing all your energies on one specific goal it will make it easier to achieve. What I’ve seen happy for too many is that they become OVERLY focused on that one thing which cuts you off from other opportunities.

I know you love your comfort zone or being ‘in the zone’ but when you stay there with tunnel vision for too long you become stuck. I know you’re not happy with just keeping things the way they are, so it’s time to be open to change; opening yourself up to the bigger and better.

Remember to challenge yourself and your thoughts often. Do things you “know” that you can’t, try things you’ve never tried before.

By sharpening your skills and gaining new ones, you’ll start to feel so powerful about how much you can do with a full set of tools and resources rather than relying on one or two strengths.

Let your mind free and start to entertain those more creative impulses… this is when you will learn what you can really do.

You have everything it takes to step up and stand out as the leader in your own life.

Talk Soon!