Lately I’ve been hearing from so many women that they don’t understand why they aren’t more successful in their online business. Does that resonate with you?

Those $5K, $10K and $15K months that seem so effortless for people in Facebook ads haven’t been happening and friends are starting to wonder if this *thing* you were going to hit it big with is just a pipe dream. Or maybe it’s YOU that’s starting to wonder that.

I totally get it. Getting into the business groove is never as simple as buying a Macbook and mixing in selfcare. No matter WHAT those Facebook ads tell you!

Here are 3 REAL reasons why your online business might not be thriving (yet) and more importantly what you can do about it…


“But Nickey… of course I’m desperate! I’m spending more money than I’m making, how can I not be desperate!”

I hear you. I really do. But pricing yourself low and accepting any client that stumbles your way is NOT the route to the #laptoplifestyle you thought you were getting yourself into.

You need to stop making yourself available for everyone for everything. Narrow the HECK out of who you want to work with and how. SO many business owners are terrified to do this because they think it limits the pool of people that could end up as your clients… as if that’s a bad thing.

Start realizing that this is a GOOD thing because it will only steer you to being available and servicing your PERFECT clients. Those are the only people you want to work with anyways!


While I strongly believe in the “you must spend money to make money” concept, I do not support the “you must pour all of your savings, revenue, credit into your business to prove to the Universe how badly you want this” mistake that I see WAYYY too many online business owners making.

Make sure you are prioritizing enough money to LIVE. Without this reserve, you will continue to stay desperate. There are TONS of options available within a reasonable budget,

Invest where it makes sense. In coaches, in softwares, in tools or resources but don’t go so crazy to the point that your staring at your $3 in your bank account wondering if you can get an extension on your cable and internet bill payment… again.

Be SMART. Map out how much money you need to LIVE. In the beginning, you must prioritize the essentials and cut out what you don’t TRULY need. (Hint: Netflix, manicures, treating friends to dinner.)

It’s important to “live as if” but that doesn’t have to mean living outside your means. The blow outs, the champagne lunches, the $300 purse… that stuff can come later. Or at least it should.

There are ways to live in the wealthy mindset that don’t include breaking the bank. Leave an extra few dollars for a tip, throw on a drug store mud mask and light some candles, open up that fancy bottle of wine you were saving for a special occasion.

The idea of living as if is meant to make you feel wealthy so that you manifest more wealth into your life… if living as if leaves you feeling broke and wondering where the rest of your money is, you are doing it wrong.

Prioritizing your income will bring a level of ease into your life and promote more gratitude. You’ll notice how much organically that lack mindset disappears and more money starts showing up when you get these priorities straight.


The amount of new business owners I see worrying about their logo, choosing the right shade of teal for their website, feeling like they can’t share their photos on social media because they’ve never had a professional photoshoot is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Are there things that can increase the overall wholeness of your brand and uplevel the professionalism of your look and feel online? Of course. There ALWAYS will be. But are these things absolutely necessary for your bottom line (ie. MAKING MONEY)? Heck to the no.

I have met literally zero people who attribute their multi-thousand dollar month to the font they decided to use. Why waste so much time and energy on things that simply do not matter?


These are the things that matter. These are the things that are going to result in your audience knowing you, trusting you, liking you, and… buying from you!

Professional photos, graphic designed quote memes, the color you decide on for you website menu, etc. These ‘nice to haves’ and helpful for brand recognition as you scale.

But these are not near as important as showing up consistently with awesome info for the people waiting for you to share it with them. Do NOT keep yourself stuck or literally block yourself from making money any longer by focusing on things that simply do not matter.

You, your message, your services, your impact – they are SO needed. There are people out there who are desperate for you to show up for them in the right place at the right time.

I know how fierce the competition can feel at times, you need to be out there making sure you are being seen and heard – ALL OF THE TIME despite how in your comfort zone you’d prefer to stay.

You’ve got your work cut out for you, but I SO believe in you.