Facebook ads can be overwhelming. You think you’re doing everything right and then POOF! Your money is gone with nothing to show for it.

It took me a LOT of testing and trial and error before I arrive at the system that is bringing me awesome leads daily.

I want to save you from pulling out your hair in the process so I am going to give you the 3 HUGE mistakes I see way too many people make with Facebook ads. I’m also going to let you in on the juicy secrets of how to avoid them.

I can’t stand to see you waste another dollar or minute on any of these errors… so let’s get to it!

Mistake #1: Believing that it’s that easy.

On the surface, Facebook ads seem like you can just throw up a promo and wait for the ROI to roll in.
But think about your own user behavior. How many ads do you genuinely want to click on? Let alone take the next step with?

TAKE THE TIME to learn about ads, how to create an enticing offer, how to write copy that attracts that ideal client, how to get them to CLICK.

Have a look through Facebook and pay attention to what kinds of ads entice you most. Note the images they use, the way they speak to you. And take note of the ads that turn you off too.

Learn from your mistakes of the past and realize that you might need to invest in someone or something that can take you from wasting your marketing budget to growing it.

Mistake #2: You don’t test.

I get it! You’re so excited to get an ad up you don’t think strategically about how to spread your budget across multiple similar ads, or various ad sets to see what works best. I know this is also not a quick process and you may feel like ain’t nobody got time for that.

Run the same ad to two different target audiences and see which one performs best. Run a similar ad (maybe change out the image or switch up the copy) to the same target audience and see which one has the lowest cost-per-click.

Without testing you are simply making assumptions. And let me remind you that to assume = make an ass out of u + me. Don’t be ass. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Mistake #3: You keep fidgeting with your ads.

It is so tempting to watch your Facebook Insights non-stop. You are spending your own money and you want to make sure it’s not flying out the window. But beware: your conversions – especially at first – are going to be really expensive.

Don’t put your ads on hold after a day just because you aren’t happy with what you’re seeing.

You need to run your ads for at least 4-7 days for Facebook to a) get to know your audience’s behavior in order to best target them and get you better results, and b) show Facebook that you are committed as an advertiser to their program.

Maybe your first couple of runs at Facebook ads are money-pits, but regardless of losing the couple hundred dollars focus on what you can do better next time. Was your audience too big? Too common? Was your copy speaking at your ideal client instead of speaking to them? Is it too much of an ad?

I see these mistakes happen ALL OF THE TIME. And unfortunately these mistakes are how Facebook makes big money.

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